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Christening & First Communion

Why you should buy your first communion dress early?

Why you should buy your first communion dress early?

Why you should buy your first communion dress early?

Buying a communion dress is a crucial moment in a girl’s life; therefore, we strive to make it as smooth as possible. We recommend shopping early, meaning start looking at dresses in October – November so you can figure out what you like, have a budget in mind, and be ready to purchase by January – February. Of course, it will be a couple of months before the big day, but it has its advantages to have your first communion dress in hand sooner rather than later.

1. Find the perfect dress
The earlier you shop, the more choices you will have, which means more styles and sizes available during the first months of the communion season. As we get closer to April – June, fewer options will be available, maybe we have run out of sizes, or perhaps someone from your church has already purchased the dress you’re interested in for your daughter. Having said this, we keep track of all dresses $500+ to know where and when these dresses will be worn to avoid two girls wearing the same dress on the same place and day. In order to book your appointment with us, click here.

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2. Have time to make alterations (if needed)
A communion dress should not be too long because it can be unsafe for your child and others, and you also don’t want the edge to become stained. Therefore, buying your dress early will mean having enough time to adjust the gown if needed and giving you time to book your favorite seamstress.

3. Keep yourself within budget
If you are limited to a budget, coming to shop for a communion dress early could save you hundreds of dollars because more options will be available for you. Also, remember all the other expenses you will have by communion day. Thus, buying your first holy communion dress early can help you to distribute other expenses over a couple of months instead of cramming them together.

4. Choose the right accessories
Once you have the dress in your hand, you can go ahead and purchase the rest of the accessories that will go well with the communion gown of your choice. Why is this important? There are many shades of white, and the dress’s shade should match the exact white of the shoes, socks, and headpieces.

5. Take the professional pictures
Buying the dress with time means you also have time to take professional pictures weeks ahead of the event. How can this benefit you? First, you will have the pictures for favors and invitations; second, you won’t have extra stress during the communion day; third, photographers and picture spots get booked fast this season; and fourth, if the dress gets stained during the photo session, then you have time to dry clean it.

6. Take time to plan everything
Once you have purchased the communion dress, which is the center of attention on this day, you will have the time to worry about all the other things that a first holy communion entails.


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