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Christening & First Communion

How can I preserve a Christening Gown or a First Communion Dress?

How can I preserve a Christening Gown or a First Communion Dress?

A christening gown or a first holy communion dress is an exceptional piece; therefore, they should be treated with love and care after being used, especially when we want future family members to wear the same outfit and keep traditions alive. These pieces should not be hung in the closet and left for moths and humidity to attack them. A dry cleaner could do this for you. However, read the following steps; if you want to do a DIY project.

Step 1

Dry clean the baptism gown or first communion gown. Why? Stains and body oils can irreparably discolor the fabric; therefore, these pieces need to be cleaned before putting them away for some years.

Step 2

Once the gown or outfit is completely dry, stuff it with clean, acid-free tissue paper; this will help prevent hard creases that can weaken the fabric. Fold additional tissue into pleats and slip it between layers of fabric. To buy it on Amazon, click here 

Step 3

Place the christening outfit or first holy communion dress in a 100% cotton muslin garment bag. To buy it on Amazon, click here. Plastic or vinyl bags are unacceptable for long-term preservation since garments need to breathe, furthermore, do not seal or wrap a cardboard box containing heirloom christening clothing. Never pack mothballs with your christening apparel since they can ruin fabric over time. Also, avoid storing the christening suit or gown with metal items, and it’s a good idea to label your storage container.

Step 4

Store the gown in a dark, cool, dry place, such as in the closet or under the bed. However, avoid storing the box where temperature or humidity may fluctuate, such as in the garage or attic. 

Step 5

When the gown is ready to be used again, remove it from the container and air it for several days, you can always steam the gown to remove the wrinkles.

Notes: After washing the piece, always wear cotton gloves since skin oils can hurt the fabric. Occasionally, please ensure that your baptism dress or first holy communion gown is in perfect condition.

That’s all there is to it. Now you know how to preserve and store your christening gown or first holy communion dress for generations to come!