Where are you located?

Our address is 265 NW 82nd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33126

What time do you open?

Please refer to Google to see our latest business hours of operation.

Where you located on Miracle Mile a couple of years ago?

Indeed, we were, however, we changed locations a couple of years ago. 

Where are your clothes made?

They are Made in Spain, unless it is stated otherwise.

What brands do you carry?

All of our dresses and outfits are uniquely designed by us, and made in several ateliers in Spain. 

Do you ship?

Yes, we do! We ship worldwide, price cost and time is available once you are checking out.

If it doesn’t fit, can I return or exchange the product?

All our products are so delicate that we do not accept any exchanges nor returns after purchase, thus our boutique has a final sale policy throughout.

Do you offer alterations?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service, however, we try to bring all our dresses in all sizes so there is a correct fit for every girl.

How long in advance should I buy a communion dress?

It is up to you, however, the closer we get to April-June the less options or sizes will have in-stock.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit YoYo?

If you’re interested in trying out our communion line, then yes you must make an appointment; for all other services, such as newborn or christening there is no need for appointments just come on business hours. In order to book the appointment, you can do it only on our website by selecting “Book an Appointment”

If I cannot visit the store in person and I want to purchase a first communion dress online, what can I do to choose the correct size?

We offer a virtual appointment, all you will need to have in hand is a measuring tape, a phone / computer, and your girl present. In order to book the appointment, you can do it only on our website by selecting “Book an Appointment.” Also, you can send us her measurements via WhatsApp or Text Message, and we will assist you without an appointment.

What are the measurements I need to take in order to select the correct size?

We would need the following measurements in centimeters: 1) the length from her shoulder to her feet, 2) length from shoulder to belly button, 3) length from shoulder to shoulder, 4) circumference of chest, 5) circumference of her belly button.

How can I measure my daughter / son’s feet, in order to select the correct size?

Draw his or her foot on a piece of paper, and then using a measuring tape in centimeters measure from the largest toe to the heel. Then this measurement should be compared with the sizes and select the best one for him or her.

If I want to purchase a first communion dress, do I need to pre-order it? and if so, what is the wait time?

We only sell what we have in-stock, thus, the moment you purchase a dress or outfit it will be prepared to be shipped immediately. In other words, you will only have to wait for UPS or DHL to deliver your order.

How can I wash a newborn outfit?

We recommend to hand-wash it; however, you can wash it on a delicate cycle as well. Please do not use the dryer.

How can I wash a christening or first communion item?

You should dry clean it and used a specialized laundry place. For example, one that specializes on delicate items, such as ball or bridal gowns.

How can I preserve a christening or first communion dress / outfit after being used?

First it must be dried cleaned and then you have two options: 1) ask your dry cleaner to preserve it for you, or 2) remove all plastic covers, fold it and cover it with tissue paper or a specialized fabric, and then save it in a box that protect it from any kind of light.

Do you rent the dresses or outfits?

No, we do not. We only sell our collections.

Do you buy used dresses or outfits?

No, we do not.

Do you offer personalization?

No, we do not. We only sell what is available on our website and in-store.

Can I pay in parts or installments my purchase?

Yes, you can use AfterPay or ShopPay Installment, in order to pay in installments.

Do you accept Zelle as a payment method?

No, we do not. We accept all debit / credit cards, ShopPay, AfterPay, and PayPal.