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Since 2016 YoYo Boutique has served thousands of customers internationally. YoYo specializes in high quality dresses and outfits handcrafted in Spain for special occasions, such as First Communion Dresses, Christening Gowns, Baptism Dresses, and Newborn Outfits. We also carry accessories, such as Rosaries, Necklaces, Baby Pins, and much more. 

Please book an in-person or online appointment for First Communion dresses or suits.

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I live in Orlando, and I was frantically looking for the perfect dress for my oldest daughters communion to no avail. After looking for so long I ran into the amazing boutique on the internet and I'm beyond blessed I did. [...] Not only did the dress come in time as she promised but the quality of YoYo Children's boutique dresses beats every store I visited.This boutique has exceeded my expectations in customer service and quality of product!

Sulimar MCustomer

For the past 2 years my daughter and I would dream of the day we would walk through YoYo’s doors to try on First Communion dresses. I would love to thank Nina and the staff at YoYo boutique for all their hospitality during our visit. They truly go beyond expectations in order to find the perfect dress to make your daughter feel special. You made us feel as part of your family. Thank you.

Milagros ACustomer

Nina was wonderful to work with! I scheduled an online appointment and got to see all of her beautiful dresses and all of the fine details that set them apart from the rest! We do not have a store in our area and anything I wanted had to be special order. Not with YoYo! They have all the dresses in stock and they ship out right away! I can’t wait to see the beautiful first communion gown that we picked out! Yo-yo is your one stop shop for everything communion related! I look forward to working with Nina on future purchases!

Jeffrey RCustomer

Extraordinary quality of baptismal gowns and outfits! We bought a beautiful, Spanish traditional faldon for our son’s baptism as well as an outfit for the luncheon afterwards. Could not be happier with the quality of product and the customer service at Yoyo’s! Thank you so much :)

Lourdes MCustomer

How To Choose The Perfect First Communion Dress?

How To Choose The Perfect First Communion Dress?

A First Holy Communion is an important milestone for every catholic child and family; the preparation is beautiful and filled with learning and bonding time with your peers. However, we must not forget many other things regarding communion day, such as choosing the venue, arranging the decoration, sending out the invites, coordinating with the photographer, and last but not least, selecting the perfect communion dress. ...

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Are Christening Gowns Gender Neutral?

Are Christening Gowns Gender Neutral?

The short and sweet answer is yes; however, there is more to it than a simple yes. We must go back to the beginning of Christianism to understand the reasons. Around the 1st century AD, babies were wrapped in swaddling bands, which were the same used to tie the hands of the baby’s parents at their wedding ceremony to “tie the knot!” Throughout the centuries...

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