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Christening & First Communion

How To Choose The Perfect First Communion Dress?

How To Choose The Perfect First Communion Dress?

A First Holy Communion is an important milestone for every catholic child and family; the preparation is beautiful and filled with learning and bonding time with your peers. However, we must not forget many other things regarding communion day, such as choosing the venue, arranging the decoration, sending out the invites, coordinating with the photographer, and last but not least, selecting the perfect communion dress

Some of you may know that I am originally from Venezuela, and there is no such thing as a First Communion Store or a store that sells communion dresses. Therefore, you had to go to a seamstress and show her the design your mom wanted, then go and purchase the fabric and laces the seamstress requested, and then you would have your customized dress. It sounds impressive; however, what if that design wasn't as you expected it to look? What if the seamstress had to make other 100 dresses and yours wasn't ready? What if (by mistake) the seamstress used your fabric on someone else's dress? Long story short, it happened to me all the above, and it was very frustrating and not a good experience. 

My experience while getting my communion dress was "special," consequently, I created YoYo Boutique the way it is. YoYo is a store where you can have all the imaginable designs of traditional communion dresses, which also only sells the dresses we have in stock, thus no need to order and wait for weeks for the dress to arrive. YoYo is a store where you have dresses from size 5 to 22 and has specialized in Spanish Couture.

YoYo Boutique - Indoor - First Communion Dress

The Fit of the Dress

We understand that many of you do not live in South Florida and cannot come to our boutique to try on the dresses, which is why we offer online consultations for sizes, and we also show you the detailing of the dresses you like the most. There are four measurements in centimeters we need to assist you:

  • Circumference of bust
  • Circumference of waist
  • Length from shoulder to waist
  • Length from shoulder to feet

When measuring, please use a soft tape measure with the metric system. Please be mindful that every dress has a different size chart, so compare the child's measurements with the dress you like. Do not assume that if your child is ten years old, she will wear a size 10 on her communion dress. If you still prefer to book a videoconference, click here to book it

Style of the Dress

At YoYo Boutique, we like to offer you the widest selection of Spanish Fashion, which is why we carry Traditional Dresses and Boho Dresses for you to choose from. Our clientele's selected styles vary because some will prefer a boho dress over a traditional one and vice versa. We like to say that every communion dress has a name and a last name! We also carry four tones of color:

  • Optic White
  • Natural White (milk white)
  • Off-White (bone white)
  • Ivory

If your church insists that she must wear "pure white," then choose dresses in optic white or natural white. Also, we understand that your parish requires your child to have her shoulders covered. On that account, our dresses all have some sleeve, either cap sleeve, French sleeve, ¾ sleeve, or full sleeve.

First Communion Dress


First communion dresses vary from $400 to $2,000, plus all the other accessories, such as stockings, shoes, headpieces, etc. You might be asking why the cost range is so extensive, and no, we do not lower the quality of the dresses. All our dresses have the highest quality confection. However, the fabrics, laces, and detailing make the difference in cost. For example, our Deluxe line is usually made with different types of natural silks, such as Mikado Silk, and the details and laces are handmade. In contrast, our other collections may use other fabrics and different kinds of laces.